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Grow Amazing Amaryllis: Complete Guide to Caring for Hippeastrum

Whoops, did I say no need to choose? The key to successful reflowering is proper care.

  • Choose bulbs with bright green new growth and without spots or visible damage.

  • Where can you grow amaryllis? Once the flowers have rested, you can recut the stems to whatever length suits your vase or arrangement.

  • You can place your plant outdoors for summer, if you like, in partial shade.

Care of the Amaryllis after Flowering

Pests And Diseases Commonly Associated With Amaryllis Pests What are common pests associated with Amaryllis? Wipe pruners and stakes used on infected plants with alcohol.

  • There are about 70-80 species in the genus.

  • Stability and Control We weighed the stability and control of a size pot for amaryllis in determining its performance.

  • They were at first placed in the African genus Amaryllis, but this was later changed to Hippeastrum when it became clear this is a different species from South America.

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