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Hyomin, 'Marie Claire' Pictorial Photos Released!

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Dispatch reveals their 2022 New Year couple; T

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Hyomin’s “Nice Body” Is A Misogynistic Mess

Under the influence of having both of her parents majored in art, she has grown interested in art.

  • Her face is drastically different from what it used to be when she was younger.

  • However, she was torn after having realized she lacked the art skills to enroll in an art high school.

  • net During her time being a part of T-ARA, she was cast in a variety of fields in entertainment such as variety shows, musical productions, and even dramas as a supporting character.

Hyomin, 'Marie Claire' Pictorial Photos Released!


  • Hyomin, from the girl group T-Ara, leaves the Sublime Artist Agency.

  • Getty Images Furthermore, Hwang Ui Jo is currently living in France due to his position in Ligue 1 for the Bordeaux soccer club.

  • The couple has also confirmed their relationship.

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