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Miyeon Miyeon Song

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Miyeon Miyeon Song

Miyeon: Profile, Age, Weight, Height, Facts

Kim, Yu-jin March 3, 2021.

  • Newsen in Korean.

  • — She likes Thai food.

  • [Ma Ye-jong, who is the senior mascot graduate? This website is not intended for emergency care.

Cho Mi

Sub-regions• Retrieved July 3, 2019.

  • Hobbies and interests Cho is very stylish and is keeping up with the newest fashion trends, often uploading pictures , and in her captions she gives her fans advice related to make-up and clothes.

  • [Black Pink Jennie, February girl group personal brand reputation 1st.

  • Together with Evelynn voiced by Beer, Ahri is the main vocalist of the group.

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