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Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About Her Madame Web Movie Prep

Madame Web Can Answer Sony’s Spider

She would make a phenomenal Black Cat—or, if Sony is feeling especially ambitious—a Spider-Woman to fight against Johnson's Madame Web.

  • Of course, as with any character who's been around for a while in a superhero universe, Madame Web's whole deal eventually got a bit more complicated.

  • , and has allied herself with infamous Spider-Man foe Doctor Octopus.

  • But soon Peter comes to believe — and trust — in her extraordinary perceptions of reality.

How the Madame Web Movie Could Lead Into an MCU

See Marvel Movies on , ,.

  • In the storyline that makes up the issues of "Amazing Spider-Man" 634 — 637, the family of Sergei Kravinoff gathers together in the hopes of resurrecting their dead kin, Kraven and his son Vladimir, to restore glory to their family name.

  • On top of the 616 universe's Cassandra Webb, , and has even been bestowed Cassandra's powers when she does so.

  • Related: As it stands after the release of , Tom Holland's Peter Parker remains in the MCU alongside villains such as Vulture, Scorpion, and Shocker, while Venom and Sony's other anti-heroes exist in the SSU, and Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are back in their respective universes.